Our Location:
6 Sherman Place,
Unit 5102, Storrs, CT
phone: 860-486-4274
fax: 860-486-4562
email: soiltest@uconn.edu

Office Hours: 8:30am–4:30pm M–F, Closed Holidays

Directions to the Lab


Soil Sampling Questionnaires and Instructions

To take a soil sample, decide which test(s) you are requesting then follow the link below to the appropriate sampling instructions and questionnaire.

Download Adobe Reader

Name of Questionnaire/Instruction Preferred PDF  
Standard Nutrient Analysis
Home Owners and Landscapers PDF  
Commercial Fruit PDF  
Commercial Vegetable PDF  
Nursery Crops (Mineral Soil) PDF  
Agronomic Growers PDF  
Additional Tests
The textural analysis, organic matter content, pH and soluble salts tests should be sampled in the same manner as for the Standard Nutrient Analysis. ***Please supply an additional 1 cup of soil if you require tests in addition to the Standard Nutrient Analysis. Only ½ cup of soil is required for the soil pH only test. PDF  
Saturated Media Extract
Commercial Nursery Crops (Soilless Media) PDF  
Nitrogen Testing
End-of Season Cornstalk Test for Nitrogen PDF  
Pre-Sidedress Nitrogen Test PDF  


Counties in several states have either Fire Ant or Golden Nematode QUARANTINES! If you live in these areas and send soil to us, it needs to be documented and destroyed. There is an additional disposal fee of $20 per sample. The USDA APHIS website has information regarding which US counties are quarantined. To determine if you are in a fire ant quarantine area, CLICK HERE. To determine if you are in a golden nematode quarantine area, CLICK HERE.